Nicolas Le Floch

Think Columbo meets Criminal Minds meets Marie-Antoinette and you get Nicolas Le Floch, a binge-worthy French crime TV show set during the reign of Louis XVI.

Based on the best-selling novels of Jean-François Parot, Nicolas Le Floch is like no other crime series on TV right now. Forget about all the video-surveillance and DNA samples used in CSI to solve the mysteries. Commissioner Le Floch can only count on his flair to catch the criminals roaming through the palaces and slums of 18th-century Paris. This French crime TV show is a must-watch for the impressive historical reconstitutions of the French capital under the reign of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI. So if you’re done watching the French TV series everyone has been talking about in the like of Call My Agent!(10 pour Cent), Lupin, andThe Bureau(Le bureau des légendes), it’s time to get ahead of the next French buzz worthy TV series and to go back in time with all 7 seasons of Nicolas Le Floch


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