Where Can I watch French TV shows?

Call My Agent!, Lupin, Baron Noir, The Bureau, The Returned, Spiral…You’ve found a new love for French TV shows and mini-series, and have devoured them all. What now? Well, it’s time you discover TV5MONDE, which combines a 24/7 French network and a French streaming service with the most popular French language shows. 



For a long time, France only had disdain for TV, viewed as "small time" compared to the great art of cinema, the one that features actors that couldn’t quite make it to the big screen, and for scripts that were not good enough to be turned into features. But all that changed with the golden age of TV that came from America, from Lost to The Office, from Mad Men to Breaking Bad. And slowly but surely, French networks started to invest more and more into TV programs. A decade later, France is now one of the most represented countries at the International Emmy, which recently saw shows like Dans la tête d’un tueur, The Poisoner (Marie Besnard, l'empoisonneuse), Call My Agent! (10 pour cent), Braquo, The Returned (Les revenants), Spiral (Engrenages) take home many awards.

The top French TV shows on TV5MONDE


The curators at TV5MONDE watch French TV all day long to only select the best of the best of French series. Some are available on the 24/7 network TV5MONDE available via cable providers, and some more can be watched via the French streaming platform TV5MONDEplus, available at no extra cost if you’re a subscriber of TV5MONDE. The streaming service available on smartphone, tablet and laptop as well offers 5000 hours of programs - film, TV series, documentaries, concert & more - in French with English Subtitles, perfect if you’re trying to learn French with movies or TV shows.


Nicolas Le Floch


If Columbo were French and alive during the 18th century, then he would have been Nicolas Le Floch, the detective at the center of this binge-worthy French crime TV show set during the reign of Louis XVI.




Just like Call My Agent! (10 pour cent), Speakerine looks at the backstage of the TV industry and especially at the news programs. The French show, set in the 60’s, focuses on a female TV announcer who becomes a symbol of women’s emancipation, and a target of persecutions on and off screen.


Plus belle la vie

The French soap opera is a staple of French TV and has consistently been the most watched series in France. More Heart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls than Emily in Paris, it will make you fall in love with French art de vivre all over again.



It’s CSI, but with the beautiful landscapes and fascinating culture of the Reunion Island and New Caledonia



A thrilling series about a family like no other with supernatural powers. But because they're different, people fear them. Having been hunted over the centuries, learning to survive, these distinctly out-of-the-ordinary beings have also learned to silence their gift and make themselves inconspicuous.


De Gaulle, l'éclat et le secret

This 6-episode mini-series is an in-depth historical drama focusing on three decades of the public and private life of Charles de Gaulle.