Where can I stream French films?

TV5MONDE is the best option out there to stream French movies at home, on your TV, tablet, laptop or phone. With a TV5MONDE subscription, you get access to a 24h French channel with French movies, shows, documentaries, news and sports, as well as the French streaming platform TV5MONDEplus, a selection of new French films with TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand and French programs for kids with Tivi5MONDE.

1. The French network TV5MONDE broadcasts French programs 24 hours a day, with French movies and TV shows on prime-time every night. On top of that, the days are filled with news programs and sport events in French, as well as programs about French art de vivre and culture. To receive TV5MONDE, click here.

2. With the TV5MONDE subscription comes at no extra cost TV5MONDEplus, the new and exciting French streaming platform available in America. It offers 1000s of French movies - old classics, box-office hits, critics’ favorites as well as very recent releases. You’ll never get enough French content with this streaming platform!

3. Finally, you can enjoy TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand, which offers every month a curated selection of French movies to stream. The best place to enjoy new releases and award-winning films and to keep you up with the latest and greatest in French cinema.

4. But what about the kids? Don’t worry, les enfants will be able to enjoy Tivi5MONDE, a catalog of French cartoons and animated films. Perfect if you want your little ones to learn French while watching TV!