When is Emily in Paris season 3?

Those of you who loved Emily in Paris season 1 and season 2 wonder when they'll be able to watch season 3.

Emily in Paris season 3's official release date is December 21.

The American romantic comedy television series taking place in France brings back together Emily (Lily Collins), Emily's love interest and Lavaux Restaurant chef extraordinaire, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Gabriel's girlfriend and, serendipity has it, Emily's friend and Savoir's client, Camille (Camille Razat), Lily's BFF in France, Ashley Park (Mindy Chen) and Savoir employee always looking to fit in and to make fun of Emily, Luc (Bruno Gouery).  L
et’s look back at Lily Collins'  journey in Paris so far, how she discovered the French way of life and fashion, her fashion-forward outfits and how this could all play out in season 3.



No one expected Emily in Paris 3 to be officially released as early as December 21 this year. The American romantic comedy television series created by the mind behind Sex and the City, Darren Star, was supposed to just be a sweet bonbon to enjoy between more serious Netflix series. It only took a month to make Emily in Paris one of the biggest successes of the platform. Within the first 4 weeks of its release, season 1 of Emily in Paris was viewed by 58 million households worldwide. That represents a quarter of Netflix’ subscribers! The show went on to become the most popular comedy series of 2020 on the streaming platform. Season 2 of Emily in Paris was an ever bigger success and was the number one Netflix show in 2022 in 94 countries! 

Despite its success, the series was mocked and the subject of many memes. Parisians criticized its unrealistic description of life in Paris. I was surprised that people would ever be offended by anything in the show”, Darren Star told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a lighthearted romantic comedy. I kept thinking, ‘Nobody can really be that thin-skinned’. We’re poking fun at a cliché, but they’re clichés that everyone has experienced at one time or another, both from the American point of view and the French point of view. That’s what it’s about. Reviews from critics were mixed but the show still nabbed an Emmy nomination for best comedy series.


Emily in Paris Season 3: when will it be released


It wasn’t really a surprise when Netflix announced in January 2022, just weeks after the release of season 2, that a season 3 of Emily in Paris was in the plan. The real surprise was that the streaming platform announced already that the show would have a season 4! But when?


Lily Collins confirmed that she was back in Paris to film season 3 in June 2022. At the same time, Ashley Park, who plays Emily’s friend Mindy, posted this photo of her with Lily Collins on set.

Netflix posted official photos of season 3 of Emily in Paris in September where we can see Emily in Paris and in the south of France. The season 3 of Emily in Paris will be released on December 21. Netflix just released a teaser for season 3 of Emily in Paris. We can see that season 3 of Emily in Paris will feature the same glamorous outfits, and the usual love and work dilemmas and quirky scenes. As for season 4 of Emily in Paris, there hasn’t been any news or even rumors on a release date.


Emily in Paris outfits: Who is behind them?


Emily in Paris is undoubtedly a dazzling show to watch. Beautiful people, beautiful (and clean on camera) city, beautiful cinematography and beautiful outfits! From day 1, the character Emily became a fashion influencer. Fashionistas around the world assembled trying to find out where the costume department was sourcing her clothes. So who is behind Emily’s trendy outfits? The answer is French costume designer Marylin Fitoussi.


She had previously worked on many films and TV shows including Colombiana, Taken 2, Valerian and the cult Middle Ages French show Kaamelott. “I knew I was addressing a younger public, who knows about bloggers and influencers”, said Marylin Fitoussi in an interview for the fashion site L’ADN. “I wanted her to wear something eye-catching. I wanted Emily to be pretty and interesting but also subject to critics. So I stand by the curious mix of clothing that some found ugly and that would never make it in magazines. I wasn’t trying to just find outfits that are pretty to look at, but clothes that tell about the story and the personality of the character.” Regarding Emily’s colorful outfits, the French designer was simply influenced by her 13 years spent in Mexico. She thought it would be a good way for the character to part from the usual dark-toned French fashion. “In the name of the supposed Parisian chic, we worship the black and white because Coco Chanel supposedly once said that color was a symbol of vulgarity”, she said in an interview to L’ADN.


If Marylin Fitoussi is the designer of the show, she was helped in her work by the fashion designer of Hollywood: Patricia Fields. Stylist for the rich and famous, she had made headlines for her work on Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada – both known for the incredible style of its main characters. With Emily in Paris, Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Fields had a perfect mix of eclectic characters. Emily is the fashion addict who loves high fashion, bold prints but also more classical looks. Mindy Chen, Emily’s extrovert friend, showcases an even bolder wardrobe, with ruffled crop tops, feathery coats and oversized hats. Camille, played by Camille Razat, tends to wear low-key, minimalist outfits with signature details. Even Samuel Arnold, aka Julien, displays some fascinating color-block looks, and colorful prints that not many would dare to wear at the office!


As fashion these days has become rather monotonous and boring (jeans, sneakers, etc.), it was the perfect opportunity to develop Emily’s style as more colorful and optimistic”, said Patricia Field to Variety. “Mindy’s wardrobe, for example, is vibrant, glamorous [and] optimistic. And Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) is classic French chic, while Julien (Samuel Arnold) is high fashion and unafraid to make bold statements.


How to reproduce Emily in Paris' looks?


Now that the character of fictional Emily is a real-life influencer, many are trying to copy her outfits and find which brands she’s wearing. First things first, if you really want to dress like Lily Collins in Emily in Paris, make sure you have good savings! Most of Emily’s outfits cost several thousands, although there are a few cheaper pieces from Madewell or American Vintage. So let’s look at 5 of the most talked-about outfits worn by Lily Collins in season 1 and 2 of Emily in Paris.


The Bardot inspired off-shoulder dress


Copyright Netflix


This cheeky heart printed dress was designed by contemporary designer Anouki. It can be yours for $1,100.


The rainbow jacket


With its short sleeves, and rainbow like stripes, this short jacket from Sonia Rykiel caught the eyes of many viewers. You can find it still on the designer’s site for $420.


Copyright Netflix


The pink look

Copyright Netflix


In season 2, Emily is not afraid of flashy colors, as this outfit attests. The buttoned tweed skirt is from Balmain and costs $1,800. The top was bespoke and can’t be purchased. The signature detail of this look is of course the rectangle bag, the famous Mini Trunk by Mark Cross. It can be yours for only $3,000.


The purple look

Copyright Netflix


This scene shot in Montmartre in episode 5 of season 1 shows Emily is yet another attention grabbing outfit. From the Aalto color-block knit sweater to the houndstooth check shorts from Sandro. And let’s not forget the Chanel pink flap bag and the purple ankle boots of Dora Teymur. Total cost of the outfit? A whopping $6,500!


The patchwork summer dress

Copyright Netflix


Last but not least, Emily’s emblematic mini dress when she travels to the south of France in season 2. The ruched dress is from Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. It can be yours for $2,545. If you like the quirky tote bag, just look at the Caracaba line of bags from Louboutin. And get ready to spend $1,750 to carry your sunglasses, magazines, and other accessories!


If you look for a source of truth on all of Lily Collins’ outfits in Emily in Paris, as well as the looks of Mindy, Camille, Sylvie, take a look at the instagram account @emilyinparisoutfits. It indexes some of her best looks with precise details on each piece worn by Lily Collins.


Immerse in Paris’ fashion


If French fashion is your passion, then you’re in luck. French network TV5MONDE has many shows about the latest runways and the trendy looks in Paris, exclusive in-person interviews with designers, and fashion documentaries.


#Version Francaise is broadcast every week on TV5MONDE. In it, you can follow ambassadress Katherina Marx immerse herself in the Parisian chic - whether is fashion design or fine living. Each episode features an iconic guest and a series of special reports, allowing viewers to discover or rediscover France, its young designers, and its chic and trendy hang-outs.


Tendance XXI, now in its 8th season, is also a must-see if you love French art-de-vivre, fashion and architecture. The show highlights the craftsmen and women who are still using ancestral techniques to create unique objects. Sophisticated watches, silk pajamas, the Hermès Bag, or even macaroons and eclairs – learn about the intricate skills behind France’s most iconic objects.


You’ll find plenty more content around French fashion on TV5MONDE including exclusive feature documentaries on French designers, like this one recently broadcast on Frank Sorbier. And if that’s still not enough, take a look at all the programming focused on French art de vivre on the French streaming platform TV5MONDEPlus. It is available at no cost if you’re a TV5MONDE subscriber.


5 French shows to watch if you like Emily in Paris


Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but you enjoyed Emily in Paris! You loved Emily’s over the top outfits, the beautiful shots of Paris and the blue eyes of Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). But now that you’ve just finished Emily in Paris Season 2, you’re looking for more guilty pleasure, en français s’il vous plaît. We got you covered and TV5MONDE with its hundreds of French TV shows does too.


Call my Agent (10 pour cent)

This is an obvious one. Awarded best comedy series at the International Emmy Awards, the French comedy set in the world of film stars agents is a must-see if you’ve liked Emily in Paris. Yes, Call My Agent! is less light-hearted but just like the Netflix show it features an incredible cast starting with its female lead, Camille Cottin (recently seen in House of Gucci), and stunning shots of Paris’s café, parks and monuments.  


Les Simone

Alright, this is not French; it’s French-Canadian, but this one is not to miss. This series focused on four women going through an existential crisis in their thirties and looking for affirmation, independence and love. A bit more raunchy than the sugary sweet Emily in Paris, the French-language show addresses the same questions as the Netflix series, but with a refreshing tone. Just maybe don’t watch it with your parents! If you liked Emily in Paris season 2, tune on TV5MONDE USA and start Les Simone


Plus belle la vie

What if Plus belle la vie was just Emily in Paris but set in Provence? If you haven’t heard of Plus belle la vie yet, then you’re not French! For the past 17 years (!), this soapy French TV show has consistently been the most watched series in France. It might be more Heart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls than Emily in Paris, but just like the Netflix show, it will make you fall in love with French art de vivre, its gastronomy, its sweet and calm life… But this time, instead of the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the cobblestone streets of Marseille and the gardens of the Pharo Palace. Stream Plus Belle la Vie on TV5MONDE USA and TV5MONDEPlus.



Very different in its tone and script – as this show is a game of cat and mouse, in which Omar Sy (LINK TO ARTICLE ON OMAR SY) is a gentleman robber. Lupin will surely be loved by the viewers of Emily in Paris for its cinematography of the French capital. Based on Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin books, Lupin is a fast-paced French TV show with beautiful sceneries of Paris, whether it’s indoors – in beautiful Haussman-style apartments – or outdoors, around the vicinity of the Louvre. If watching Emily in Paris and Lupin doesn’t make you want to visit the French capital, then we don’t know what will!



Another beautiful show to watch, as this one is set at the Opéra Garnier, home of the Paris Opéra Ballet. It follows Zoé, who at 35, is fighting to stay the principal dancer while enjoying a lifestyle that’s not exactly suitable for the demanding world of the Opera. Intense and fascinating! Stream and watch more French TV shows on TV5MONDE.