The best French TV shows set in Paris

Americans have always had a thing for Paris, which explains why so many US shows have scenes in the magical city, including (of course) Emily in Paris, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Killing Eve… So if you dream of living in Paris or if you’ve lived there and are feeling nostalgic, take a look at our list of French series based in Paris which offers breathtaking shots of the French capital.

Call My Agent! (10 pour cent)

The Emmy Awards winner French comedy set in the world of film stars agents is a must-see if you like French TV shows but also if you like sightseeing in Paris. Not only does the show boast an incredible cast and hilarious dialogues, it also shows Paris as it really is. Busy, lively, loud and of course beautiful.

Nicolas Le Floch

Think Columbo meets Marie-Antoinette and you get Nicolas Le Floch, a binge-worthy French crime TV show set during the reign of Louis XVI. Commissioner Le Floch can only count on his flair to catch the criminals roaming through the palaces and slums of 18th-century Paris.

This French crime TV show is a must-watch for the impressive historical reconstitutions of the French capital under the reign of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI. So if you’re looking to see Paris before the traffic jam and the glass building, it’s time to get ahead of the next French buzz worthy TV series and to go back in time with Nicolas Le Floch. Stream all six seasons on TV5MONDEplus.



We couldn’t not mention Lupin. The Netflix hit series based on the successful book series Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief by Maurice Leblanc. This game of cat and mouse, in which Arsène Lupin (Omar Sy) is the mouse as a gentleman robber offers beautiful shots of the rich neighborhoods of Paris, from the surroundings of Le Louvre and Notre-Dame to Montmartre. Many scenes also showcase some of the most beautiful Haussman-style apartments in Paris.


Central Nuit

Back in early 2000, this French series became an instant hit for its dark and yet sometimes sadly accurate depiction of all of the mischief happening in Paris by night. The 8 seasons show a pretty grim version of Paris - think the opposite of Amelie or Emily in Paris! The series was co-created by former cop turned successful director Olivier Marchal, who also wrote 36, Quai des Orfèvres and Carbon. Watch the entire series on the French streaming platform TV5MONDEplus.