Riding Zone

( Season 13 )

The magazine programme featuring extreme sports, snow or water sports, and alternative cultures.

Presented by: Tiga.

Riding Zone - Watch Extreme Sports in French

Challenge yourself and explore alternative cultures with Riding Zone: showcasing extreme water, snow, and land sports throughout the Francophone world.

A World of Action

This sports program is your one-stop shop for extreme sports, including surfing, skateboarding, bodyboarding, motorbiking, snowboarding, skiing, BMX, VTT, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, base jumping, freeriding, freestyling, and Slackline. There are eight main topics covered in depth in the series: the buzz of the week, a day in the life of a rider, research, historical facts, portraits, rider culture, the five tricks of the week, and events. There really is something for everyone in this exciting show!

Since its debut in 2007, Riding Zone has continued to grow in popularity as one of the leading extreme sports shows in French.

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