The first French television series were produced in the 1960s by the public service network. "Teleclub" invites you to discover, or rediscover, some of them with context provided by actress Fanny Ardant to put the airing of each episode in its era.


Les Dames de la côte (1) : Feuilleforte (1911-1912)
The Women of the Coast (1): Feuilleforte (1911-1912)

The Normandy coast, summer 1912. At the age of 18 Blanche goes into service working for Clara Decourt, the new mistress of the Feuilleforte estate. Her cousin Georgette leaves for Paris. 17 year-old Fanny Vilatte, a distant relation of the Decourt family, reconnects with Raoul and Marcel, Clara's sons. Her aunt Alix accompanies her to Paris for her introduction into society.

Directed by: Nina Companeez (France, 1979)