( Season 4 )

2019, English subtitles. Léa Soler and Paul Marchal are two police officers, but also two exes with serious differences, now forced to work together!

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After a Season 3 that saw Léa clash with the colonel and risk losing her job, when we catch up with her again she is still an inspector. A new colonel has been appointed to the brigade: Pierre Soler, Léa's father. But how to work alongside a man everyone admires!



Episode 1: Resurrection

A man is killed in his soap-making workshop. Hair from the attacker found on the body should enable a rapid identification. Which is indeed the case, the analysis reveals that it belongs to the first husband of the victim's wife's. Small problem: he's supposed to have died eight years earlier...

Directed by: Lionel Chatton (season 4, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Alexia de Oliveira Gomes