( Season 1 )
1962. Christine, a famous newsreader, is mysteriously attacked in the studios of RTF, the French national public broadcaster. How, despite being the archetype of feminine perfection, did she become a hunted woman, confronted with a violence she was not used to?


Episode 3

Christine and Philippe Lefebvre are arrested for Marcel Lindet's murder, then released when suicide is proven. Darnet takes the chance to sideline the newsreader in favour of young, beautiful Isabelle. Christine, who suspects her husband of cheating on her, moves into a hotel. The government wants to hush up the Marilou Fantin affair and arranges to have a young autistic boy of Algerian origin charged with the murder. Colette discovers she's pregnant by Jauffret...

Directed by: Laurent Tuel (season 1, France, 2018)
Episode 4

After being sacked, Christine manages to get on air to speak directly to viewers. She threatens to reveal that Darnet was at the swingers' parties if he doesn't rehire her. She leaves home and moves in with Philippe Lefebrvre. Recruited by the OAS, a terrorist group, Jean-Claude's first mission is to bomb a restaurant. He plants the device, but watching the restaurant he sees Jauffret enter, then Christine. He tries to intervene, but it's too late.

Directed by: Laurent Tuel (season 1, France, 2018)
Episode 6

Isabelle takes Colette hostage: if Pierre doesn't close Mondovision, his daughter will be killed. To save her, he tries to sabotage the transmitter. At RTF, Christine prepares to announce the Mondovision news. She knows that if the news goes out, Colette will die...

Directed by: Laurent Tuel (season 1, France, 2018)
Screenplay: Nicole Jamet, Véronique Lecharpy, Sylvain Saada, Valentine Milville, José Caltagirone