Plus belle la vie

( Season 2019 )

After 4,000+ episodes, the cult-classic series Plus Belle La Vie is airing its final episodes on TV5MONDE. Watch or record the final episodes from March 24-29, 4-6:15am ET.


Following the everyday lives of residents in Mistral, a working-class neighbourhood in Marseille, with all their joys and heartbreak, dramatic stories of love and hate, and the secrets lurking round the corner.

Based on an original idea by Hubert Besson and on the characters created by Georges Desmouceaux, Bénédicte Achard, Magaly Richard-Serrano et Olivier Szulzynger (season 15, France, 2019-2020)
Cast: Sylvie Flepp (Mirta), Michel Cordes (Roland), Cécilia Hornus (Blanche), Serge Dupire (Vincent), Rebecca Hampton (Céline), Anne Décis (Luna), Laëtitia Milot (Mélanie), Laurent Kérusoré (Thomas), Alexandre Fabre (Frémont)
Genre : comedy drama