OPJ Pacifique Sud

Inspector Clarissa Hoarau's police squad welcomes a new officer from Paris, an arrogant colleague who prefers to lead his investigations according to his own rules, which does nothing to help his integration on the island.

Daily life in a judicial police squad in Nouméa, New Caledonia, under the command of Inspector Clarissa Hoarau.

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Episode 15: Father afield (1)

Called by a farmer for the murder of a cow, Jackson discovers a woman tied-up and gagged, and the body of a man. An investigation that's far from simple and forces Clarissa to relive difficult moments from her past...

Directed by: Matthieu Vollaire (season 1, France, 2019)
Episode 16: Father afield (2)

The investigation takes an unexpected turn as two more bodies are discovered. Already three deaths and a killer who seems as elusive as ever...

Directed by: Matthieu Vollaire (season 1, France, 2019)
Cast: Yaëlle Trulès (Clarissa Hoarau), Antoine Stip (Gaspard Watson), Nathan Dellemme (Jackson Bellerose), Marielle Karabeu (Kelly Kwaté), Hindra Armede (Agathe Hoarau), Clémentine Julienne (Joséphine Fleury), Julia Paul (Manon Lambert), Alexandre Varga (Raphaël Mayer)
Genre: detective
Episode 17: A wedding made in heaven (1)

As Clarissa discovers that her children are being followed by the woman who was stalking her partner, Kelly realises that her boyfriend is lying to her about his job. First thing in the morning, the body of a woman, bridesmaid at a wedding, is discovered on the beach.

Directed by: Matthieu Vollaire (season 1, France, 2019)
Episode 18: A wedding made in heaven (2)

The investigators discover that the true target was actually the bride: the bridesmaid had been wearing a long white dress when she was attacked. And what if the groom wanted to get rid of his fiancée on the eve of their honeymoon?

Directed by: Matthieu Vollaire (season 1, France, 2019)