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Episode 6: Emma

After being caught shop-lifting, a teenager, Emma, finds herself at the police station. The security guard who caught her, has accused her of charge of assault and battery. Her parents are divorced and the incident happened during the week when her father was looking after her. Her mother takes advantage to apply for sole custody. Audrey is contacted by a client who wants to have his wife's show banned: he considers it damaging to his reputation.

Directed by: Stéphane Malhuret (season 2, France, 2018)
Screenplay: Emmanuelle Rey-Magnan, Pascal Fontanille
Cast: Catherine Marchal (Astrid Lartigues), Ophélia Kolb (Audrey Lartigues), Charlotte des Georges (Sofia Lorenzi), Clémentine Justine (Roxanne), Lionel Erdogan (Paul), Samir Boitard (Éric Leroy), Joseph Malerba (Alexandre Rotivel), Guilaine Londez (Colette), Johanna Tixier (Amal), Moïse Santamaria (Mehdi Kechiouche), Lise Chevalier (Barbara), Fleur Fellot-Biard (Emma), Christelle Reboul (Juliette), Ben (Fabrice)
Genre: comedy drama