Épisode 4
52 min
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Episode 4

In hospital, Alice learns of her mother's illness. She once again becomes close to Vincent, her ex-fiancée. During a walk through a pine grove, Fabio tells Blandine that she shouldn't be blackmailing Claire. She replies with vehemence and, walking backwards, dies when she falls into a hole. Guy confesses to Claire that he killed Anthony, who he had surprised attacking their daughter on the day of her wedding. In turn, Claire confesses Sandra's involvement in Simon's death. Studying the wedding photos, Alice sees the mother-of-pearl pendant around the neck of Camille, Vincent's fiancée...

Directed by: Marwen Abdallah (France, 2018)
Screenplay: Jeanne Le Guillou, Bruno Dega
Cast: Alexia Barlier (Alice), Cristiana Reali (Claire), Lannick Gautry (Vincent), Patrick Catalifo (Guy), Alexandra Vandernoot (Géraldine), Stéphane Freiss (Étienne), Constance Labbé (Camille), Guillaume Duhesme (William), David Baïot (Benjamin), Stefan Godin (Pierre), Sophie de La Rochefoucauld (Cathy), Selma Kouchy (Yasmina), Joyce Bibring (Sandra), Laurent Fernandez (Marc), Thomas Drelon (Fabio), Claire-Lise Lecerf (Blandine), Julien Faure (Fabien), François Sciolla (Anthony), Romain Paul (Simon)
Genre: drama