Noces rouges

A short time after her wedding, the bride's body is found at the foot of a cliff. Suicide? Murder? Little by little, dark family secrets are brought to light...


Episode 5

Vincent is called to Camille's bedside, her suicide attempt has left her in a coma. Before reporting Blandine's disappearance, Fabio meets up with Claire: they need to agree on the same story to avoid raising suspicions about their arrangement. Vincent recovers the item of jewellery found by Alice and goes through Camille's affairs. He also looks back through the file on his brother's death and finds the statements made by Simon's friends four years earlier. Today their versions have changed: was Simon fleeing something or someone?
Episode 6

Vincent finds Camille's pendant again, so the one Alice picked up near Sandra's body couldn't have been hers. But in a photo, he notices that her mother wearing an identical piece of jewellery. Alice questions William and learns of the party held on the tragic night that cost Simon his life. What happened during the party? Who was there? What had Simon seen and why was he running away?

Directed by: Marwen Abdallah (France, 2018)
Screenplay: Jeanne Le Guillou, Bruno Dega