Le projet

( Season 1 )
IT consultant Kaylan Durand dreams of revolutionising the world by creating his own digital startup. Finally, he thinks he's found the heavyweight backer he needs, thanks to his childhood friend Isaac Malan. What he doesn't realise is that the latter is secretly in love with his wife Viola...

Directed by: O. Assi (Côte d'Ivoire, 2021)
Cast: Yves Aymard (Kaylan Durand), Christelle Tiemoko (Viola Durand), Griffith de Mazarin (Isaac Malan), Prisca Zamble (Amanda), Anoh Ange Ludivine (Lili), Soro Marie Ida (Maryline), Ben Doumbia (Joshua), Gobo Albéric (Ryan), Beugré Aminata (Gina)
Genre: dramedy