Le crime lui va si bien

Two investigators with absolutely nothing in common, form a partnership that may be unusual and somewhat explosive, but is also remarkably efficient!


Un caveau pour deux
One tomb, two bodies

During a funeral, the mourners are amazed to discover that the tomb is already occupied by a recently-murdered young woman. Who is she? Why was she hidden there? Gaby Molina quickly realises that the two deaths are both linked to a nearby château...

Directed by: Stéphane Kappes (France, 2020)
Screenplay: Stéphane Kaminka
Cast: Claudia Tagbo (Gaby Molina), Hélène Seuzaret (Céline Richer), Julien Ratel (Darget), Bruno Lochet (Anton Vargas), Laurent Manzoni (Félix Fontan)
Genre: detective