Le code

( Season 2 )
52 min
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Episode 6: Irresponsible

Nadia assists one of her clients, a prisoner determined at any cost to attend his aunt's burial. Idriss's health causes increasing concern but, against everyone's advice, he's determined to ensure the defence of a young client suffering from schizophrenia, accused of killing a neighbour living in the flat next door.

Directed by: Jean-Christophe Delpias (season 2, France, 2022)
Screenplay by: Lionel Olenga, Nicolas Robert, Cécile Even, Lucille Brandi, Julie-Anna Grignon, Julien Anscutter
Cast: Daniel Njo Lobé (Idriss Toma), Christiane Millet (Jeanne Vanhoven), Naidra Ayadi (Nadia Ayad), Barbara Probst (Claire Caldeira), Théo Frilet (Maxime Laffargue), Catherine Demaiffe (Élodie Nedelec), Wendy Nieto (Chloé Barbier), Grégoire Bonnet (Jacques Kowalski), Guillaume Faure (Julien Gurou)
Genre: thriller