Le Chalet

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A reunion of childhood friends in the French Alps is supposed to be a time of celebration, but things go horribly wrong when the group gets cut off and a dark secret from the past turns deadly.


In the French mystery thriller Le Chalet, two stories run parallel—each recounting events set twenty years apart.

In 1997, a writer (Jean-Louis Rodier) and his family move to the small village of Valmoline in the French Alps to help him with his writer’s block. The village is very insular, and things soon become complicated when Jean-Louis Rodier gets involved with the local barkeep and his son befriends the daughter of the local carpenter. Soon after, the Rodier family disappears without a trace.

In 2017, Manu Laverne initiates a reunion with his childhood friends from Valmoline at the now-renovated chalet where he plans to wed his newly pregnant bride Adele. A rockslide cuts the group off from the world with no way to communicate and isolation soon becomes a deadly trap as a secret from the past comes to light.

About Le Chalet

Genre: TV drama/mystery/thriller

Created by: Alexis Lecaye

Directed by: Camille Bordes-Resnais

Music by: Samuel Hercule

Starring: Chloé Lambert (Muriel), Philippe Dusseau (Philippe), Blanche Veisberg (Christine), Éric Savin (Étienne)

Country: France

Year: 2017

Length: 1 hour

Subtitles: English

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