La vie devant

( Season 1 )

For one family, each day peacefully follows the last... At least until one of them suffers a stroke, Valeria. Watched by little Lucas, intrigued by these adults constantly asking strange questions, the group will have to ask themselves even more and learn to grow up together.

Directed by: Kristina Wagenbauer, Klaudia Reynicke (Switzerland, 2022)
Screenplay: Frédéric Recrosio, Raphaële Moussafir
Cast: Audrey Dana (Valeria), Alexis Loret (Diego), Remo Girone (Umberto), Carlos Léal (Jean), Solan Harsch (Lucas), Léon Boesch (Vincent), Isaline Prévost Radeff (Joëlle), Brigitte Rosset (Natacha), Amy Lally (Astrid), Noémie Kocher (Agnès)
Genre: dramedy