La maison bleue

La Maison-Bleue

( Season 2 )

President Hamelin's popularity has dropped dramatically. For the forthcoming elections, he can only count on Boudreau, new darling of the Quebec electorate. And the new campaign is dogged by an unprecedented crisis: the maples are no longer flowing. Deprived of maple syrup the people of Quebec are far from happy.

Directed by: Ricardo Trogi (season 2, Canada, 2021)
Cast: Guy Nadon (Jacques Hamelin), Anne-Marie Cadieux (Mireille Turcotte), Anyjeanne Savaria (Gabrielle Hamelin), Roger Léger (General Charette), Geneviève Schmidt (Karine Desmarais), Claude Despins (Bernard Boudreau), Simon Beaulé-Bulman (Antoine), Dominic Paquet (Stéphane)
Genre: comedy