La chance de ta vie

( Season 1 )
L'argent c'est comme de l'eau, ça coule entre les doigts
42 min
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Episode 1: Money is like water, it runs through your fingers

After having won the lottery and pocketed some 160 million, Loïc and his family pack up and move to Geneva. With help from Jean-Hubert, a financial consultant in search of recognition, he wants to take over Montrex, the prestigious watch brand that wronged his father.

Directed by: Chris Niemeyer (Switzerland, 2021)
Screenplay: Vincent Poymiro, David Elkaïm, Anne Feinsilber, Julien Anscutter, Geoffrey Bidaut
Cast: Karim Barras (Loïc), Zoé Schellenberg (Loane), Joan Mompart (Jean-Hubert), Mila Jubelin de Meyer (Tina), Roméo Cerutti (Maël), Roland Vouilloz (Albert), Carlos Léal (Antoine), Chady Abu-Nijmeh (Joseph)
Genre: comedy