La chance de ta vie

( Season 1 )
Givart, c'est l'affaire de ma vie
42 min
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Episode 2: Givart, the opportunity I've been waiting for

Jean-Hubert tries to persuade Loïc to buy Givart, the company that manufactures the movement lubricant used by Montrex. Meanwhile Maël and Tina are finding it hard to make friends in their new school. Suffering from boredom, Loane offers her skills as a plumber to Le Beau-Rivage.

Directed by: Chris Niemeyer (Switzerland, 2021)
Screenplay: Vincent Poymiro, David Elkaïm, Anne Feinsilber, Julien Anscutter, Geoffrey Bidaut
Cast: Karim Barras (Loïc), Zoé Schellenberg (Loane), Joan Mompart (Jean-Hubert), Mila Jubelin de Meyer (Tina), Roméo Cerutti (Maël), Roland Vouilloz (Albert), Carlos Léal (Antoine), Chady Abu-Nijmeh (Joseph)
Genre: comedy