La chance de ta vie

( Season 1 )

Loïc has won the lottery. He and the whole family move to Geneva. His aim: to take control of the major watch-making brand that had wronged his father. A decision that plunges him into a world of money and power of which he knows neither the values nor the rules.

Directed by: Chris Niemeyer (Switzerland, 2021)
Screenplay: Vincent Poymiro, David Elkaïm, Anne Feinsilber, Julien Anscutter, Geoffrey Bidaut
Cast: Karim Barras (Loïc), Zoé Schellenberg (Loane), Joan Mompart (Jean-Hubert), Mila Jubelin de Meyer (Tina), Roméo Cerutti (Maël), Roland Vouilloz (Albert), Carlos Léal (Antoine), Chady Abu-Nijmeh (Joseph)
Genre: comedy