L'art du crime

( Season 2 )
Le peintre du diable (2/2)
52 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Episode 6: The devil's painter (2/2)

Antoine and Florence follow the trail of the picture by Hieronymus Bosch. As one discovery leads to another they realise that the murder of the seminarian wasn't the first crime committed in the name of this particular work...

Directed by: Chris Briant (season 2, France, 2018)
Screenplay: Agathe Robillard, Angèle Herry-Leclerc, Pierre-Yves Mora
Cast: Nicolas Gob (Antoine Verlay), Éléonore Bernheim (Florence Chassagne), Philippe Duclos (Pierre Chassagne), Benjamin Egner (Pardo), Farida Rahouadj (the psychanalyst), Ambroise Sabbagh (Greg Blanqui), Emmanuel Noblet (Hugo Prieur), Michel Lerousseau (père Thomas), Rufus (father Christophe), Benjamin Baroche (Jérôme Bosch), Michael Erpelding (Daniel Sanchez), Manon Elezaar (Laura Montet), Matila Malliarakis (Cédric Montet)
Genre: detective
Parental guidance: TV-PG