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Five - A French Comedy Film

Five features Sam (Pierre Niney) jumping at the chance to live with his five lifelong friends and offers to pay half the rent in a shared apartment. Instead of telling his friends that he’s broke, Samuel turns to selling weed in order to make ends meet. But dealing isn’t a job for everyone, and when the going gets tough, Samuel must turn to his friends for help.

Genre: comedy

Director: Igor Gotesman (France, 2015)

Starring: Pierre Niney (Samuel), François Civil (Timothy), Igor Gotesman ( Vadim), Margot Bancilhon (Julia), Idrissa Hanrot (Nestor), Pascal Demolon (Barnabas), Michèle Moretti (Mrs. Simone), Philippe Duclos (Samuel's father)

Awards: nomination (Alpe d'Huez 2016)

Rating : not recommended for children under 12 (-12)

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