Double je

( Season 1 )
Débat de conscience
52 min
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Episode 2: A question of conscience

A patient in the neurology department is adamant about witnessing a murder in the hospital, but in the absence of a body his story lacks credibility. The case is particularly sensitive as the head of the department concerned is none other than Déa's ex-husband, who visibly has things to hide...

Directed by: Laurent Dussaux (France, 2019)
Screenplay: Camille Pouzol, Lionel Olenga
Cast: Carole Weyers (Déa Versini), François Vincentelli (Jimmy), Ambroise Michel (Matthieu Delcourt), Bruno Gouery (Fred Jolin), Fleur Geffrier (Jeanne Granger), Pierre Laplace (Xavier Fremont), Bastien Bernini (Damien), François Dunoyer (Massimo Versini), Benjamin Bellecour (Vincent Laubier)
Genre: detective
Awards: best actress (Carole Weyers), 2019 Séries Mania festival