Trouve la fissure à travers laquelle la lumière brille
1 hr
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Episode 6: Find the crack that lets the light in

Agotha is in shock. After the catastrophe, the team has to pull itself together and find the strength to continue their search for the truth. As events suddenly snowball, Brand and his team find themselves in difficulty.

Directed by: Michael Steiner (Switzerland, 2022)
Cast: Roeland Wiesnekker (Leo Brand), Meryl Marti (Agotha Bayani), Dardan Sadik (Milan Gjokaj), Martin Rapold (Roger Hasenfratz), Esther Gemsch (Doro Iselin), Martin Butzke (Henning Eckberg), Martin Vischer (Joel Bättig), Lale Yavas (Inci Can)
Genre: thriller
Parental guidance: TV-PG