Ce que Pauline ne vous dit pas

Her ex-husband has just died, falling from the top of some ramshackle scaffolding in the garden. Pauline was there. She called the emergency services, but awkwardly and a little late. All the evidence points her way. And each time she tries to justify her actions, she digs herself in deeper...

Directed by: Rodolphe Tissot (France, 2021)
Screenplay: Antoine Lacomblez, Julien Capron
Cast: Ophélia Kolb (Pauline), Grace Seri (Morgane Sabaly), Sylvie Testud (Marie Hermann), Pierre Arditi (Bernard Borel), Hélène Alexandridis (Blandine Borel), Guillaume Marquet (Romain Borel), Kevin Azaïs (Enzo), Igor Mendjisky (Willy)
Genre: thriller