Capitaine Marleau

( Season 1 )
Pace e salute
1 hr 30 min
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Pace e salute

In Corsica, the body of a former doctor lies next to his unconscious wife. Marleau suspects their daughter Lesia, who came from Paris to succeed her father, is hiding something. Her return had created a lot of hostility. Waking from her coma, the wife talks of suicide. Marleau isn't convinced...

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 3, France, 2020)
Screenplay: Marc-Antoine Laurent, Jean-Marc Taba
Cast: Corinne Masiero (Inspector Marleau), Mélanie Doutey (Lesia Crivelli), Catherine Rouvel (Marie Crivelli), Philippe Duquesne (Fortin), Cédric Appietto (Ange Castola)
Genre: detective