( Season 1 )

Marsoux, Wallonia. On his release from prison, Yvan joins Nathalie, the woman of his dreams. Together they have a baby. That's when Yvan decides he has to become a better person. And to help in this ambitious challenge, he'll need all the support of his family, the Berthelet clan.

Directed by: Fred De Loof, Ady El Assal, Bérangère McNeese, Adriana Da Fonseca (Belgium, 2021)
Screenplay by: Peter Ninane, Julien Vargas, Sylvain Daï, Chloé von Arx, Pierre Hageman
Cast: Pierre Nisse (Didier), Julien Vargas (Yvan), Gémi Diallo (Nathalie), Laura Sepul (Cynthia), Fred De Loof (Rayan), Sophie Breyer (Jessica), Anaël Snoel (Cheyenne), Sophia Leboutte (Larissa), Chantal Pirotte (Gisèle), Juliette Halloy (Stacy), Jules Barbason (Timmy)
Genre: comedy