Rita veut chanter

À la valdrague

( Season 2 )
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Rita veut chanter
22 min
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Episode 5 : Rita wants to sing

On the verge of depression, Rita realises that she needs to sing. Ferraille suggests a musical project but too many people interfere with its fulfilment. Yolande, in search of a new look, gets noticed for a modelling job. Edmour awakens a desire in Lomer that's been buried for too long...

Directed by: Jean-Marc Piché (season 2, Canada, 2019)
Screenplay: Patricia Léger
Cast: Patricia Léger (Rita Melanson), Marie-Jo Thério (Yolande LeBlanc), Marcel-Romain Thériault (Lomer Dupuis), Marc Lamontagne (Edmour LeBlanc), Raphaël Butler (Ferraille Gaudet), Claire Normand (Gilberte Cormier), Gabriel Robichaud (Zoël Bourgeois), Bianca Richard (Terri Cormier)
Genre: comedy