Laissons Lucie faire !

Laissons Lucie faire !

1 hr 30 min
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Lucie sells bathing suits on the beaches of Marseilles and would like her boyfriend, Lucien, to become her best friend. But in order for that to happen, they have to be honest with each other. That is impossible for Lucien, who is an apprentice secret agent, acting as a diletaunt.

Directed by: Emmanuel Mouret (France, 2000)
Cast: Marie Gillain (Lucie), Emmanuel Mouret (Lucien), Dolorès Chaplin (Jennifer), Georges Neri (Noël), Arnaud Simon (Bernard), Delphine Zentout (Prudence), Nathalie Romaninko (Natacha), Patrick Palmero (the teacher)
Genre: comedy