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TV5MONDE, le journal Afrique

Follow world events with Le journal Afrique, a daily news show bringing you an African-French perspective on current affairs on the African continent. Covering topics such as elections, terrorism, economic reforms, and peace talks, this program tackles difficult topics head-on and provides further insights from reporters on location and expert interviewees.

Meet the Hosts

N’fanteh Minteh is a young TV journalist who worked at FR3 in Brittany before starting with TV5MONDE. Dominique Tchimbakala studied at French high school Saint-Exupéry de Brazzaville in the Congo before moving to France and becoming a television journalist.

About Le journal Afrique

Genre: News
Presented by: N'Fanteh Minteh (Monday to Thursday) and Dominique Tchimbakala (Friday to Sunday)
Country: France
Frequency: Daily
Length: 26 minutes

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