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Objectif Monde L'hebdo

( Season 2023 )
Report, inquiry, investigation ... "Objectif Monde L'Hebdo", a television magazine by French-speaking editorialists, takes time to reflect and analyse through the expert insights and opinions provided by specialists. A TV5MONDE programme, jointly produced with RTS, in collaboration with its francophone partners (RTBF, Radio-Canada, France Télévisions).

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.


Ukraine : cultiver malgré la guerre
Ukraine: farming despite the war

Continuing farming although buildings and machines are destroyed and the fields are strewn with mines. This is the harsh reality for Ukrainian farmers. Exploring the situation of one of the people affected, Catherine Mercier explains the challenges faced by many farmers in Ukraine.
A report by Catherine Mercier for Radio-Canada's magazine programme "La semaine verte".

Guests: Catherine Mercier, journalist at Radio-Canada; Jean-Marc Rickli, Global Risk and Resilience Manager at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP).
Le bruit, un danger invisible
Noise, the invisible threat

According to the World Health Organisation, noise is the second leading environmental factor causing harm to health in Europe. The consequences are numerous, including stress, disturbed sleep, hearing problems, fatigue, declining learning capacity and cardiovascular issues. Why is there so much noise and what is the solution?
A report from RTBF's magazine programme "Investigation".

Guests: Emmanuel Allaer, journalist at RTBF; Antonio Hodgers, president of the Council of State for the Canton of Geneva.
Redefining the second

A minor revolution is underway in the field of measurements. All around the world, specialists in this area are aiming to agree over the next decade on a new definition of the second, the basic unit of time.
A report by Gaëlle Lussiaà-Berdou for Radio-Canada's magazine programme "Découverte".

Guests: Gaëlle Lussiaà-Berdou, journalist at Radio-Canada; Laurence-Isaline Stahl-Gretsch, curator at the Geneva Museum of Science History.

Presenter: Dominique Laresche.