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Objectif Monde L'hebdo

( Season 2021 )
Report, inquiry, investigation ... "Objectif Monde L'Hebdo", a television magazine by French-speaking editorialists, takes time to reflect and analyse through the expert insights and opinions provided by specialists. A TV5MONDE programme, jointly produced with RTS, in collaboration with its francophone partners (RTBF, Radio-Canada, France Télévisions).

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.


Pénuries de médicaments : à quoi jouent les labos ?
Drug shortages: what are the pharmaceutical companies playing at?

With the production of essential molecules increasingly relocated overseas but also due to the demand that pharmaceutical companies return ever-greater profits, everyday drugs are repeatedly out of stock, with neither care nor regard for patients' lives. A report by Julie Lotz for "Complément d'Enquête" and "#Investigation".

Guests: Julie Lotz, journalist, independent film-maker; Bertrand Kiefer, editor-in-chief at the "Revue Médicale Suisse".

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.
Meeting the American survivalists

They are prepared for anything but above all for the end of the world. The survivalist movement is enjoying a real boom in the USA. François Mazure went to meet the inhabitants of Bunkerville, Dakota, and presents their stories in "Un Monde à Part", the RTBF magazine programme.

Guests: François Mazure, reporter, editor-in-chief for the magazine "Un Monde à Part"; Stéphane Bussard, journalist, specialist in US affairs ("Le Temps").

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.