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Stay up to date with the 10am and 8pm (Eastern Time) editions of French television news for an in-depth, insightful review of domestic and global affairs.

On TV5MONDEUSA, you can watch Le journal de France 2 from the USA not just once, but twice daily. Stay up to date with the 10am and 8pm (Eastern Time) editions of French television news for an in-depth, insightful review of domestic and global affairs.

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Afternoon and Evening

The 10am edition (Eastern time) – watch Le Journal de 13H from America

Watched every day by over 2 million French people, Le Journal de 13h has been a well-regarded and reliable source of information since 1987. Broadcast on France 2 (the French public national television channel, the equivalent of PBS or BBC) it features the morning’s news stories and headlines, with interviews, eyewitness reports, and special guest interviews with politicians and social experts. It also touches on cultural events and on the sports’ results from the day before.


The 8pm news (Eastern time) – watch le Journal de 20h from America

Close to 5 million French viewers tune on France 2 every night for the latest breaking news. Compared to the morning edition, the 8 pm news show still devotes a large part to national news but spends less time on culture and more time on international news with reports from all around the world. It’s also a place of choice for members of government to be interviewed and address the nation.

Comment regarder le journal de France 2 depuis les USA?

TV5MONDE USA diffuse tous les jours à 10am et 9pm ET le Journal de 13h de France 2 et le Journal de 20h. Continuez à suivre l’actualité française – politique, société, environnement, sport et culture, grâce aux journaux présentés par Anne-Sophie Lapix et Marie-Sophie Lacarrau. Toute l’actualité française est à suivre depuis les États-Unis sur TV5MONDE USA avec notamment la diffusion des émissions Complément d’Enquête, Des racines & des ailes ou encore Envoyé spécial en direct et en replay.

Presented by: Anne-Sophie Lapix, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, Nathanaël de Rincquesen,

Laurent Delahousse, and Leïla Kaddour

Genre: News

Country: France

Length: 25 minutes

Airs: Check the weekly schedule for more information

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