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La Piste de la Francophonie pour la planète - Cloned!!!!!

LIVE! 1 day. 17 cities. To celebrate 40 years, TV5MONDE travels around the world in a special live broadcast with a focus on the preservation of the planet and the collective action among French-speaking countries.

From Paris to Mayotte via Cotonou, Montreal and Baton Rouge, 19 hours of exceptional programming will cover 17 world cities and 5 continents. The aim? To raise awareness of the consequences of global warming and highlight the mobilisation and collective action for the environment among French-speaking countries.


TV5MONDE shines a light on global warming and how francophone-speaking countries have been actively responding.

The kick-off will be given by Françoise Joly and Chloé Nabédian in Paris. In each city, a 52-minute segment will be presented by a journalist from a partner channel, and in certain destinations, accompanied by a journalist from TV5MONDE:

PARIS (TV5MONDE) : Françoise Joly & Chloé Nabedian

MAYOTTE (France TV) : Anastasia Laguerra

VICTORIA (SeychellesBC) : Marie-Claude D’Unienville & Mohamed Kaci

WALLIS & FUTUNA (France TV) : Violetta Kikanoi

ATHENES (ERT) : Alexia Kefalas

MONACO (TVMonaco) : Adrien Hellec

YAOUNDE (CRTV) : Evelyne Owona & Nidhya Palliakara

GENEVE (RTSuisse) : Michel Cerutti

DAKAR (RTSénégal) : Mayama Dramé & Denise Epoté

COTONOU (ORTBénin) : Apollinaire Tchiko & Dominique Laresche

BRUXELLES (RTBF) : Gwenaëlle Dekegeleer

ST PIERRE & MIQUELON (France TV) : Delphine Jeanneau

TAHITI (France TV) : Aiata Taharu

RABAT (2M) : Hanane Harrath & Nicolas George

MARTINIQUE (France TV) : Bianca Careto

LA NOUVELLE ORLEANS (TVLouisiane) : Will McGrew & Dominique Tchimbakala

MONTREAL (IRCanada/Télé Québec, TV5QC) : Sébastien Diaz

PARIS (TV5MONDE): Antoine Genton

Genre: Live special, environment (2023)