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La Piste de la Francophonie pour la planète

LIVE! 1 day. 17 cities. To celebrate its 40 years, TV5MONDE travels around the world in a special live broadcast with a focus on the preservation of the planet and the collective action among French-speaking countries.

Available to stream the next day on TV5MONDEplus.

From Paris to Mayotte via Cotonou, Montreal and Baton Rouge, 19 hours of exceptional programming will cover 17 world cities and 5 continents. The aim? To raise awareness of the consequences of global warming and highlight the mobilisation and collective action for the environment among French-speaking countries.


TV5MONDE shines a light on global warming and how francophone-speaking countries have been actively responding.

The kick-off will be given by Françoise Joly and Chloé Nabédian in Paris. In each city, a 52-minute segment will be presented by a journalist from a partner channel, and in certain destinations, accompanied by a journalist from TV5MONDE:

PARIS (TV5MONDE) : Françoise Joly & Chloé Nabedian

MAYOTTE (France TV) : Anastasia Laguerra

VICTORIA (SeychellesBC) : Marie-Claude D’Unienville & Mohamed Kaci

WALLIS & FUTUNA (France TV) : Violetta Kikanoi

ATHENES (ERT) : Alexia Kefalas

MONACO (TVMonaco) : Adrien Hellec

YAOUNDE (CRTV) : Evelyne Owona & Nidhya Palliakara

GENEVE (RTSuisse) : Michel Cerutti

DAKAR (RTSénégal) : Mayama Dramé & Denise Epoté

COTONOU (ORTBénin) : Apollinaire Tchiko & Dominique Laresche

BRUXELLES (RTBF) : Gwenaëlle Dekegeleer

ST PIERRE & MIQUELON (France TV) : Delphine Jeanneau

TAHITI (France TV) : Aiata Taharu

RABAT (2M) : Hanane Harrath & Nicolas George

MARTINIQUE (France TV) : Bianca Careto

LA NOUVELLE ORLEANS (TVLouisiane) : Will McGrew & Dominique Tchimbakala

MONTREAL (IRCanada/Télé Québec, TV5QC) : Sébastien Diaz

PARIS (TV5MONDE): Antoine Genton

Genre: Live special, environment (2023)