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Envoyé spécial

( Season 2020 )

An in-depth look at current affairs with Élise Lucet. In touch with those who take part in the documentaries, she is surrounded by ordinary citizens, special guests, the major players involved in each case, and the journalists who take us behind the scenes of their investigations.

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with current events is to watch investigative French news programs. With Envoyé Spécial, TV host Élise Lucet brings us in-depth discussions of issues that people in France, Europe, and the world are facing today, and gets to the bottom of each topic with reports, profiles, and interviews.

About Envoyé Spécial

Genre: News Show

Presented by: Élise Lucet

Country: France

Year: 1990 - current

Length: 30 mins

Subtitles: English

Awards: Deauville Green Award for the report “Endocrine disruptors, our poisoned lives,” broadcast on April 7, 2016.

Stories about Issues both Big and Small

On Envoyé Spécial, Élise Lucet is unafraid to tackle the smallest, largest, and most controversial topics. Previous issues explored in this 30-minute news documentary include:

  • The day-to-day struggles of French people who barely make enough money to survive.
  • A look into the activities of “Mr. Green” who organizes large picnics with food from the trash.
  • A look into the online market for surrogate mothers.
  • A critique of the French government’s promise to rid the country of glyphosate by 2021.

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