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Cash investigation

"Cash investigation" reveals the shameful practices of certain multinational corporations. Two major highlights: an in-depth investigation by the programme's reporters and a profile of the "whistle-blowers" who often take great risks in order to alert society to a danger.

Presented by: Élise Lucet.
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Drought and flood: who picks up the bill?

Drought, floods, the French have an ever-increasing chance of suffering from natural catastrophes, but will they continue to be protected and compensated?

Presented by: Élise Lucet.
Sécheresses, inondations : qui va payer la facture ? - Le débat
Drought, floods: who picks up the bill? - The debate

What recourse for victims? Can we build our houses in a different way? Should we stop covering the country in concrete? What should the government, companies and citizens be doing to confront climate change? Élise Lucet's guests answer these and other questions, and propose solutions.

Presented by: Élise Lucet.