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C'est du belge

( Season 2020 )
Gerald Watelet shines the spotlight on the people putting Belgium on the map. Expect reports on the best culture and heritage ambassadors, behind-the-scenes glimpses of elite events and profiles of those making headlines.

Presented by: Gerald Watelet.


La créativité, un talent typiquement belge
Creativity, a typically Belgian talent

Encounter with Milkywaysblueyes, AKA Claire Marnette, who has over 150,000 followers. In gastronomy, the Brussels waffle gets a makeover and a few stars thanks to the talented chef Yves Mattagne. In the streets, we discover Barbara Duriau's brilliant idea of photographing the view from her Amsterdam window.

Presented by: Gerald Watelet.
Dans les coulisses du meilleur restaurant du monde
Behind the scenes at the best restaurant in the world

He dropped everything for chocolate! That could sum up the incredible success story of François Deremiens! We then head for Warsaw to meet Luc Jacobs, one of the 84 Belgian ambassadors abroad. Finally, an encounter with Gert Verhulst, a man who is a true Jack of all trades.

Presented by: Gerald Watelet.