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Au bout de l'enquête, la fin du crime parfait ?

( Season 2022 )
They are all cases that were closed, considered unsolvable, sometimes resisting police efforts for decades until a forgotten clue, an unhoped-for witness or a forensic innovation finally made it possible to unmask the culprit. Alongside Marie Drucker, the criminologist Alain Bauer explains the technical, psychological, sociological or historical elements involved.

Presented by: Marie Drucker.


Affaire Mathilde Croguennec, danse macabre
Mathilde Croguennec, danse macabre

June 2005. In Brittany, some 40,000 people attend a rave party. As morning breaks, a young woman, Mathilde Croguennec, is found dead in the neighbouring wood. And so begins an unusual investigation, any one of those attending the party could have been the killer. The investigation lasted for months...

Presented by: Marie Drucker.
With the criminologist Alain Bauer.