Burkina Faso/Iran/Brésil/Turquie/Belgique/Canada
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7 jours sur la planète

( Season 2022 )
Burkina Faso/Iran/Brésil/Turquie/Belgique/Canada
27 min
Programme summary:

- Burkina Faso, Russia extends its sphere of influence
- Iran, autopsy of the revolts since the 1979 revolution
- Brazil, evangelical voters hold the key to the presidential election
- Turkey, the new refuge for Russian exiles
- Belgium, civil disobedience training
- Canada, a masterful work in honour of indigenous children

Guest: Azadeh Kian, French-Iranian sociologist, director of the CEDREF (Centre for Training, Documentation and Research in Feminist Studies), author "Femmes et Pouvoir en Islam" (Women and Power in Islam), published by Michalon.

Presented by: Demet Korkmaz.