Afghanistan/Iran/Suisse/Haute mer/Liberia/Manga
News & Current Affairs

7 jours sur la planète

( Season 2022 )
Afghanistan/Iran/Suisse/Haute mer/Liberia/Manga
27 min
Programme summary:

- Afghanistan, living conditions for divorced women
- Iran, new cases of schoolgirls being poisoned
- Switzerland, launch of the first university course for rebuilding Ukraine
- Environment, a historic UN agreement to protect the high seas
- Liberia, launch of a mobile computer lab to reduce the digital divide
- Japan, the first manga created by artificial intelligence

Guest: Dominique Boullier, sociologist and linguist, specialist in the uses of IT, author of "Propagations" (published by Armand Colin) and "Comment sortir de l'emprise des réseaux sociaux" (published by Le Passeur).

Presented: Demet Korkmaz.