Version française

( Season 8 )

Passionate about French chic, ambassadress Katherina Marx surrounds herself with major figures from the worlds of fashion, design, gastronomy, and fine living. 

Feeling chic today? Tune on TV5MONDE USA and learn about the French art de vivre. Fashion, gastronomy, art, luxury, get immersed into French culture with #VersionFrançaise

If you wish you were born French, then this is the show for you! Passionate about French chic, ambassadress Katherina Marx surrounds herself with major figures from the worlds of fashion, design, gastronomy, and fine living to talk about everything French. Each episode features an iconic guest and a series of special reports, allowing viewers to discover or rediscover France, its young designers, its food specialties, its traditions, and its chic and trendy hang-outs. From Macarons, Louboutin, Champagne to historical French castles, and traditional craftsmanship, each episode transports you to what makes France, well, France: a place of pride in preserving its culture and its taste for the pretty, the romantic but also a country that never ceases to evolve and which always looks at its past and future at the same time.


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Presented by: Katherina Marx.


Musée Maillol/Studio Maximum/Dior/Gravure sur métal
Muse for the painter and sculptor Aristide Maillol, Dina Verny created the Maillol Museum. Co-founders of the design studio Maximum, Basile and Romée offer industrial scrap a second life. Maria Grazia Chiuri presents a refreshing runway show for Dior. Metal plates and age-old techniques: Caroline engraves her artistic inspiration.

Presented by: Katherina Marx.
Muséum Bordeaux/Maximilien Pellet/Botter/Dorure Huber
Reptiles, fossils, surprising mammals: welcome to the Bordeaux Natural History Museum! The world of Maximilien Pellet swings between pictorial representation and a total mastery of ceramics. Whether clothes or runway shows, Botter's fashion is always responsible. Atelier Huber: the age-old craft of gilding at the service of objects and décors.

Presented by: Katherina Marx.
Auguste Comte/Pablo Reinoso/Thom Browne/Atelier d'Ornellas
Welcome to the home of the philosopher Auguste Comte! Encounter with the Argentine-French artist Pablo Reinoso, whose wooden sculptures bring beauty to public spaces. Fashion with Thom Browne, and his passion for the suit and for New York. Atelier d'Ornellas, where Ségolène repairs books worn by time.

Presented by: Katherina Marx.