Une brique dans le ventre

( Season 2021 )
In addition to the houses, apartments and lofts of various styles and prices which Cédric Wautier shows us through his many visits, this programme about homes offers legal, practical, technical, energy and aesthetic advice, without forgetting the part about the all-important DIY "tricks".

Hosted by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.


A new, single-family construction near Liège

A look around Benjamin and Élodie's new home. The couple wanted to position the living spaces according to the sun's path throughout the day. Plus, Antoine Vandewoude, creator of talents, real estate advice from Anne, the Abbey of Fontevraud in Touraine, and how to make doorstops and stylish vases.

Presented by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.