Maîtres d'art

The title of Maître d'art (Master of Art) is awarded for life. It recognises the excellence of an individual's know-how and his or her career. Spotlight on three examples of the Masters of Art - Pupils scheme, set up in 1994 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Directed by: Aurine Crémieu (France, 2017)


Fanny Boucher, révéler le geste

De la rencontre entre Fanny Boucher, Maître d'art héliograveur, et Antonin Pons Braley, artiste chercheur, est né un projet fou : héliograver des volumes. Depuis quelques mois, Marie Levoyer a rejoint l'équipe. C'est donc un projet à six mains qu'ils présenteront au musée national de Tokyo.

Réalisation : Aurine Crémieu (France, 2017)
Bertrand Cattiaux, giving air shape and form

Virgile Bardin, pupil of the Master of Art organ-builder Bertrand Cattiaux, is learning how to give air shape and form, to "give the pipes a voice". He has to learn a harmony that can be neither written nor drawn. An expertise only transmitted by gesture, word and experience.

Directed by: Aurine Crémieu (France, 2017)
Céline Bonnot-Diconne, reviving and restoring leather

Céline Bonnot-Diconne, Master of Art, founded 2CRC, the centre for the conservation and restoration of leather. Specialist in gilt, archaeological and ethnographic leathers and leather upholstery, she has become a world-renowned expert in the subject. Today she is passing on her know-how to her pupil Marie Héran.

Directed by: Aurine Crémieu (France, 2017)