La belle vie

( Season 2 )
Aboard his campervan, Julien travels across Canada in search of those who live a full life, whilst possessing little. The stories of individuals, couples, families and communities who have chosen a different lifestyle. Nomad or sedentary, they have all opted for an alternative way of living.

Presented by: Julien Roussin-Côté.


La vie sur une île isolée
Life in harmony with nature

Carole-Lyne Robin has transformed her life by building an off-grid tiny house. Between working as a volunteer with the reindeer and her job as a wildlife ranger, Carole-Lyne lives in harmony with her environment.

Presented by: Julien Roussin-Côté.
La vie de couple sur un voilier
Life as a couple aboard a yacht

On the Gaspé Peninsula, Julien meets Marie-Pier and Adrien, two thirty-somethings who sold everything to buy a sailing boat and live on it full-time. They also set up a sailing school, La Belle Vie Sailing.

Presented by: Julien Roussin-Côté.
La vie sur une fermette artisanale
Life on a smallholding

In Alberta, Roger and Virginie live on their smallholding with their three children. The couple like keeping certain traditions alive, such as bringing in the hay, and rope Julien in to lend a hand.

Presented by: Julien Roussin-Côté