( Season 2022 )
"L'Épicerie", the place to be for all those who are interested in what they put on their plates and all things relating to food. The programme: reports, surveys, taste tests, test benches, answers to questions from television viewers, including advice and simple but effective tricks.

Presented by: Denis Gagné, Johane Despins.


Les friandises pour chien
Treats for dogs

The pandemic saw a rise in the number of pets being adopted. Result: the range of products on offer also increased! But how to make the right choice? Also on the programme: different types of Asian sauces, a focus on Indian bread and the range of crèmes caramel now available.

Presented by: Johane Despins, Myriam Fehmiu.
L'offre grandissante des marques maison
The growing offer of own brands

With their own brands, the big distribution chains increase their profit margins and boost customer loyalty. Investigation. Also, the brining process, additives in processed foods and an introduction to the Swedish saffron buns called "lussekatter".

Presenters: Johane Despins, Denis Gagné.