( Season 2022 )
"L'Épicerie", the place to be for all those who are interested in what they put on their plates and all things relating to food. The programme: reports, surveys, taste tests, test benches, answers to questions from television viewers, including advice and simple but effective tricks.

Presented by: Denis Gagné, Johane Despins.


L'alimentation sur TikTok
Food on TikTok

TikTok is overflowing with "cookery" content. In fact plenty to enable today's youngsters to enjoy cooking but equally to be very badly advised... We also wonder why seed sprouts and microgreens should be washed, what is praline and what do astronauts eat in space?

Presented by: Johane Despins, Denis Gagné.
Guide d'achat de papier de toilette
Choosing your toilet paper

It's not easy to make an enlightened choice when it comes to buying toilet paper! The Montreal Polytechnique has tested over 15 brands... Also on the programme: certified organic maple syrup and discovering causa, similar to the Canadian dish "Chinese pie" but from Peru, and zeppole, a festive Italian dessert.

Presented by: Johane Despins, Denis Gagné.