Ding dong : montre-moi ta maison !

( Season 3 )
In each village or district in Switzerland, there are homes that raise questions or stand out from the ordinary. Who lives there and why? Join us as we dispel gossip and rumours by simply ringing the doorbell.

Presented by: Viola Tami.


Loft de photographe et palais rose
A photographer's loft apartment and a pink palace

Viola arrives in a photographer's loft apartment on the banks of the Rhine, then visits one that's entirely pink: from curtains to built-in wardrobes, furniture and decoration!

Presented by: Viola Tami.
The château and a blue period

We join Violet on a visit to a home that looks just like a château, then head off to discover the quirky and distinctly blue world of a former Swiss railway employee.

Presented by: Viola Tami.